Madden video games are one of the leading gaming franchises today. Its total edition for 20 years period of time is 200 million copies. The main advantage of Madden is that in its strategy just as important as sports training and skills of football players.

Perhaps, largely due to this, the name Madden has become a synonym to American football. EA has created a brand that can act on an equal with any other sports brand outside of the video game industry.

Madden NFL Mobile was released in 2015 and since then it is one of the most popular mobile games. Why we say the Madden NFL Mobile game is the best NFL game on your phone? Let’s see.


For those who are not very familiar with American football, here is a small introduction to the game foundations: players take turns playing in attack and defense.

The main task of the attack is to bring the ball to opposite side of the field. An attack uses a variety of strategies (plays) in order to carry the ball as far as possible. These strategies consist of certain methods of running and passing.

Defense at this time is trying to resist the attack and also uses various strategies to prevent attacks.

Each game begins with a choice of attacking and defensive strategies. Strategies in Madden Mobile are pre-defined and you cannot write your own, but you can choose the one from the list containing up to 20-30 options.

In the attack under your control is a group of 11 players. According to the usual Madden approach, you can play as a quarterback (control attack, pass forward), receiver (take passes) and early-backs.

The attack starts with a tap. Depending on the strategy chosen, you either control the quarterback and then take control of the player to whom the ball is being passed or try to guide the player through defense of the opponent.

Defense is always difficult in Madden games. Before the ball is grabbed, you need to manage a team of 11 people in real time. Same as in consoles Madden Mobile allows you to take control of any of the members of the defensive team at any time during the game.

madden nfl mobile
madden nfl mobile

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