Runescape is a game developed and published by Jagex and released in January 2001. It belongs to the fantasy MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games) segment. The basic structure of the game was originally a browser-based game on the Java platform, later in 2016; it is mostly replaced by a standalone C++ coded client. The first version of this game was released in January 2001. It was a beta version and the copyright of the Jagex was later done that year. Gradually as the popularity of the game increased, the game engine was rewritten and released as Runescape2. Old school Runescape is a different version. It is the older version of the game from 2007 and was released in February 2013. It is maintained side by side with the original client.

old school Runescape for the beginners

Background and Gameplay:

The game revolves around a background of medieval fantasy realms divided into different region, cities, and kingdoms. They call it the world of “Gielinor”. Players in the game can roam around the world in different ways; they can walk on the foot or take a charter ship or even magic spells. Each region in that world offers a different level of difficulties to challenge the players. Each of the regions has different varieties of monsters, quests, and resources. Each player has different avatars to represent them in the game. These avatars are customizable and the best thing about this game is its infinite storyline.

This game does not follow a specific pattern of other role-playing games, instead, they offer each player to set their own goals and thus the storyline changes accordingly. Each player has different challenges and different path in their life. They can choose different storylines or even they can fight non-player characters or monsters. They can increase their experience in available skills or find new quests.

In this game, every player can interact with each other by participating in mini-games and activities within the game or by chatting and through trading. These processes are sometimes competitive and include combat fights and other ways include cooperative or collaborative play.

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The basic outline of the gameplay:

  • 1.All the players are kept in a secluded area where a tutorial is given to them about the most basic skills of Runescape. After the tutorial, all the players have access to the tutors and advisors located in town they explore and can get information regarding their skills and experiences.
  • 2.Each player set their respective goals and each of them is entitled to a different storyline. They can train their in-game skills, engage themselves in combat with non-player characters like monsters and interact with the fellow player through trading or participate in mini-games.
  • 3.Runescape offers twenty-seven different skills which help the players to perform various activities with the nonplaying characters in their environment.
  • 4.Players gain experience points by performing different activities, and when they accumulate enough experience at a particular activity their level increases. With the rise in the skill level, the ability of the player increases to save good raw materials and harvest better products. Their experience award also increases as they use new abilities.
  • 5.The total skill level of the player in the game shows their rank in the game and the players with a most number of high total levels appear on the official high scores. Each player can show their achievement by buying a special cape if they reach the highest level of a particular skill.
  • 6.This game also offers a different type of multilevel skills. This means each player earn points in primary skills like woodcutting or fishing and use the resources to gain points in other secondary skills like cooking or fletching.
  • 7.The items that are created can be sold to other players and shops. If you want buy RS gold online we recommend you come to


Old School Runescape is the separate version which is similar to the Runescape. The browser allows you to join as a new user or sign in as the existing account holder. One can manually select the world to play and go on with the game as the original game. It is in the news that mobile version of both the Runescape will be released on iOS and Android devices thus enabling the users to play the game on their mobiles as well.