If you are looking to enjoy playing Old School Runescape (OSRS) without having to buy a membership, there is good news as there are several ways that this can be accomplished while allowing you to have decent gaming experience!

In this article, we explain the ways that you can still play old school Runescape if you have not bought the Runescape membership.

Free to Play (F2P)

f2p mmorpg

If you have not purchased a membership, don’t fret. You can enjoy many features of Runescape while using the Free-to-play version of Old school Runescape, in which no payment to Jagex is required in order to enjoy many features of the game.

Members who choose to play old school Runescape like this are known in the game as “free players” or “non-members”, and while there are some limitations that full members do not have, you still have access to 15 skills and a maximum level of 1485.

The skills you will have access to include Melee (attack, strength defense and hit points), ranged gear including leather and studded armour and green dragon hide, magic with limited access to standard spells, prayers available up to level 45 Mystic Might, Rune crafting elemental, mind and body runes, mining and smithing, crafting, fishing, cooking, woodcutting and fire making. This makes for a pretty good gameplay on your free account.

In addition to the above, you will have access to 7 dungeons, but keep in mind that some monsters will have limited drops and not all monsters will be available in the free-to-play version of old school Runescape.

There are 20 free-to-play quests available, access to the Duel Arena and Clan Wars. Overall, this is a pretty decent way to play using a free account.

Membership Bonds

Old school bonds are basically in-game items that are tradable between players and can be used to redeem membership access.

Old school Runescape bonds can be bought using either cash (we are referring to real cash in this instance) or using OSRS coins. You can use either of these methods of payment to purchase in-game membership playtime. The good news is that it is actually quite realistic to make enough in-game coins without ever having to use real-life money to purchase membership time.

With this in mind, it is completely possible to be able to work your way to obtaining old school Runescape bonds and self-fund your gaming experience using your in-game coins built up from collecting bonds, but it is noteworthy to add here that, at least early in the game, this can be quite time consuming and many players believe that initially spending the $9 for membership monthly fee may be worth it.

Read more about the runescape menbership details: http://www.runescape.com/members_benefits

However, the way that the game is set up, you have access to everything you need as a beginner to start as a Free-to-play gamer and once you finish all of the available quests, dungeons and levels that there are to offer here, you can work on your membership bonds to play without ever having to purchase a membership using real cash. In the beginning, it will take quite a bit of work to collect enough bonds to pay for membership fees and gain full access to the game, but as you level higher and find more secure and faster ways of making in-game money, it can become quite simple. Once you get to this point in the game, it will pay for itself.


As we have reviewed above, it is definitely possible to play Old School Runsecape if you have not bought the membership, and if you are dedicated in farming your in-game gold, you can continue to play without a membership for the entire duration of your gameplay with Runescape. Begin as a Free-to-Play gamer and focus on in-game gold farming to work up your membership bonds for in-game membership playing time. Happy gaming!