Whenever you play any game, and a strategy based game for that matter, you need to buckle up tight and reassure yourself that you know all the basics right so that you can take new leaps during the game. Same goes with FIFA 18 game. Sure, you’ve been playing that game for years and you think you know all the basics right, but is that really the actual case? Unless you are a pro player, chances are very high that you have been mistaking some of the basics of the game which has rendered slow progress to your gaming ability.  So to pull that gear back to its place, we will start with explaining some very basic steps for FIFA 18 gaming.

fifa 18 basic tactics

Team Chemistry

Starting off, you will need to name your team which you can change at any point of time. Then you will receive a roster that will be generated at random and the first thing to be noticed thereof will be the colours of various card packs.  These colours, viz gold, silver and bronze will denote the overall skills of your player and you should name one of these players as the captain of your team. Strong Players can build a strong ultimate team, but you need get more fifa 18 coins to buy the players card at online AH.

So the next big thing in understanding the acing points of this game  is the importance of chemistry among the team members.  This is one of the most essential factors that can rack up or booze down your team’s rank and skills, and will badly effect your gaming experience. First, note down the colors of each of the players playing from your team through your roster. This will show how well the two players are matched.  Chemistry is measured using many different scales including nationalities, the co- gaming experience of two players and the club they play with. Having no chemistry is absolutely disastrous and will prove fatal in the game.  But be sure that you aren’t overdoing thing. Don’t replace the entire team right away to match chemistries.  Use the preview option of the roster, check what results would incur if the new player is subbed in and then proceed to make any decision.

Learning basic moves

There is this one popular move that often leaves the players scratching their head in confusion, and many won’t be able to do it for years. Yes, we are talking about getting at the back of the net. With new updates, your game is now more dynamic and the graphics more realistic where the ball can dive, curve, dip or misfire depending on your skill level. First, try to hit the ball hard. Like, very hard. There is a power button to let you monitor the power you put into each goal. Holding the shoot button for too long will definitely make you misfire your ball. Use the left stick for aiming high or low but make sure you master the powering up stance before you dive into this trick.