Madden NFL series is a great American football video game of EA. EA introduce a new Madden NFL game each year. Madden NFL series is even more popular than FIFA series among American players, equal to NBA 2K series owned by 2K in popularity. These years EA start to pay attention to Madden Mobile market, releasing Madden NFL series game on Mobile. Today we will talk about why Madden NFL Mobile game gain such much popularity in players.

Let’s start with some data:

ios game app download ranks

Madden NFL football APP ranks 26th in downloads among all iOS games. It’s a very nice raking for sport game. Not each game users is a fan of American football, so the rank for Madden NFL football app is quite good.

google play game app download ranks

Also, Madden NFL football APP ranks 23th in downloads among all Google play games. There are lots of games belonging to simulation sports Mobile game, then why Madden NFL Football is so prevalent?
Reasons as the Following:
Launch by EA means an assurance of quality. Maybe you think some thing EA has done makes you feel comfortable, but you have to admit that EA has many advantages in making Sports Video Game. In terms of the authorization of teams and players, EA has its own advantages that other companies can’t match. With years experience in designing sports video games, EA is guaranteed to create a qualified Madden NFL Mobile game easily.

about EA company

Local strengths. EA is a total American company. They know much about Madden NFL leagues, American football and more about needs of American football fans. To design a qualified Madden NFL mobile game is not too difficult for a developer with various information resources.

NFLRich experience in developing and researching Mobile game. EA doesn’t only have Madden NFL football as mobile game and also FIFA mobile. The experience of developing and operating for Mobile Game can make up for the lack in game and improve the game.

What Mobile game players actually need?

It’s complete wrong to develop Mobile game with the theory in designing Video game. What players needs are enjoyment in short-time playing and no need to dedicate into games for long time. They are more concerned with how to open the game to gain amusements within a few minutes of relaxing and then turn back to work and life. Obviously Madden NFL mobile did a great job on this point.

Excellent dual currency system: Madden cash and Madden Mobile coins. Players can get Madden cash by using the in-game recharging system if they want to gain amusement easier so as to upgrade their madden players OVR. Rare madden players can be get by in-game task and challenges to obtain Madden Mobile coins. Or players can gain players that are sold at Auction House. The dual currency system offer means to enjoy the game for both paying players and non-paying players.

From what we have talked above, we can see that Madden Mobile coins might be the best American football mobile game. You can search Madden NFL football APP in Google play or iOS store if you want to have a try. Remember to choose the one that’s developed by EA.